Installation - Some photos of an HD-50 and an HD-70 Tower being installed in Southern Wyoming.

Wyoming Technical Institute (WyoTech) - Laramie, Wyoming

The HD-50 Tower laid out in sections in the parking lot.

At the request of WyoTech, The AN Wireless Tower Company shipped the tower
foundation prior to shipment of the tower. This enabled construction to begin on
the foundation without requiring unnecessary storage of the tower on site.

Assembly of the sections, and installation of the Step Bolts.

A very simple single lift operation with the crane.

Full installation of the tower is done in under 1 hour.

Installation of the lower splice plates and intersectional braces.

The finished product with a chain link fence around the perimeter.

A second tower, an HD-70, installed at the WyoTech West Campus in Laramie, WY.

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