Installation - Some photos of an HD-60 Tower being installed in North Texas.

North Garland High School, Garland, Texas

This is Assistant Principal Steve Mininger of North Garland High School upon the
acceptance of this tower being delivered to his school for the purpose of education
in Amateur Radio within the classroom. This tower project was a joint venture with
contributions made by AN Wireless Tower Co. and Array Solutions.

Another example of the recommended way to properly level the foundation is shown
here, with tower section #1 bolted to the 5 ft. foundation sub-section. Doing thiswill
provide added stability to the foundation, and will allow for more precise leveling.

The first 10 feet of the HD-60 Tower.

Jay Terleski of Array Solutions making the first climb.

Another completed HD-60 awaiting the Optibeam antennas.

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