Installation - Some photos of an LD-60 Tower being installed in North Texas.

Applied Digital Science, LLC - Grapevine, TX

This quality installation job was done by Rick's Tower Service, of Flower Mound, Texas. 
Rick Bowden may be reached by telephone at (972)-342-1784 or email at

We start this tower installation with a considerable amount of elbow grease, as this
foundation was dug entirely by hand. The lower dugout "bell" of this foundation can
be seen on the outside edges of this finished hole, extending outwards.

This photo shows Section 7 being bolted in place. There is a
small AC powered winch used here, located just to the left of
the capstan. The winch is mounted with a clamp around a
tower leg, and chained to another leg to prohibit twisting.

Tower Section 8 being lifted up here using the gin pole
pictured on the left, in conjunction with the winch.

Section 9 being lifted into position, with the splice plates already mounted to
the top of Section 9 in this photo. By bolting on the section splice plates on the
ground prior to raising each section, it saves a considerable amount on time on the
tower, and also lessens the chances of hardware being dropped from the tower.

A couple more shots of Section 9 being fitted. It's imperative that the climber be
very well secured to the structure throughout the course of the installation, as this
man is. It's very easy to be thrown off balance during the course of maneuvers
such as this.

The installation of Section 9 nearly complete now, with splice plates in place ready
to accept the 10th and final section.

Section 10 making it's way to the top.

Preparing to fit Section 10 onto the tower.

A safe installation of this LD-60, with the climber beginning his descent.

Antenna installation time. Mast is in place inside the tower, with the gin pole again
used to raise the HDTV receiving antenna for Applied Digital Science, LLC. A second
line is used here to keep the antenna under control during the wind gusts.

Lifting the antenna over the mast mount. The effects of the wind can be
seen clearly in this photo.

Doing some final tweaking here to this fixed-position mast. This LD-60 tower is
underloaded by a large margin, however the owner wanted a very sturdy support
structure to hold this HDTV antenna in place, and that's what he got.

Putting this 60' tower into perspective with it's new surroundings. Your narrator
is a die-hard Chevy fan, however I must admit, this is a good looking Ford pickup.

Good looking tower, with step bolts and 3/8" safety lifeline pre-mounted.

Looking up from the ground.

This also offers a good chance to check out your neighborhood a bit from 60' up.

The I.C.E. impulse suppressor/arrestor and mounting fixture on top of the ground
rod as near to the base of the tower as possible. I.C.E. equipment provided by Array
Solutions of Sunnyvale, TX.

At the close of the day, with the full moon over Dallas in the background.

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