Installation - Some photos of an HD-120 Tower being installed at a jobsite in Tennessee.

Wagner Brothers Land Company - Dunlap, Tennessee

Wagner Brothers Land Company sells land and acreage in Southeast Tennessee.
They are currently developing more than 1,600 Acres on Fredonia Mountain just outside of Dunlap, TN.

AN Wireless Tower Company's first HD-120 tower shown here being unloaded in December 2005.
This HD-120 was painted green in efforts to provide camouflage in this rural land development.
A DTM (Direct to Metal) paint was selected by ANW for durability, and applied directly over the
hot-dip galvanizing. The section ends were left unpainted until after the tower was installed
for continuity reasons.

Unloading sections one by one from a flatbed trailer.

Wagner Brothers made this Bobcat available on a Sunday for unloading the tower.

Placing the sections off the side of the road and out of the way.

Some additional hardware for this tower was loaded in Dunlap and hauled
up the mountain in both trucks.

Because of the lightning-prone location of this tower and the sensitive equipment
mounted to it, an extensive grounding system was installed for protection.


LIT Systems, Inc of Signal Mountain, TN arrives for the installation.

This HD-120 was assembled in halves, with the lower 60' now shown assembled.

Raising the lower 60' of tower.

Positioning the tower over the (3) foundation legs.

A more distant shot of the lower half of this tower.

Fitting the (4) splice plates to each tower leg at the connection to the base.

David Brock (L) and Chad Stiles (R) of LIT Systems tightening the lower-most bolts.

Chad Stiles re-tightening the bolts at the 10' level.


Continuing the climb up while making a final check on the bolts.

Now for the upper 60' of tower.

Preparing to catch the upper half of this tower and bolt to the bottom half.



Working alone, Chad completes the build.

Pulling the 3/8" steel safety climb cable up the tower.


Disconnecting the straps from the tower.


Chad Stiles and Steve McGinnis working together on the tower.

This tower will be the center of a point to multi point wireless network.
Wagner Brothers Land Company is using Cisco Aironet 1300 Series Outdoor Access
Point/Bridges to create a few wireless hotspots where construction mangers will
have limited network access to the office to access construction documents,
internet, email, and schedules. The wireless network will also act as a relay for
security cameras on various job sites.

With the HD-120 installed, some final RF work is being completed.

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