Shipping - Due to the size and weight of tower sections, shipping charges can be a significant part of an investment in a new tower. ANW has maintained relationships with both flatbed and van LTL carriers for domestic shipments who offer very competitive freight rates for transporting our towers in knocked-down sections, and fully pre-assembled sections. Expedited truck deliveries are available if required for urgent orders. As another useful option, we can often make a tower delivery ourselves which can substantially reduce freight costs.

Also available are deepwater ocean container services for International shipments from the nearby Port of Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, or any port of call. Towers are classified as duty free under NAFTA.

You may contact us to obtain a shipping quote to a specific destination, and to discuss shipping options.

Above are two HD-100 towers knocked-down, complete with instructions and all hardware
for assembly.
 Shipping towers knocked-down provides a compact tower package and offers
very economical shipping.

Above shows an outbound container load of knocked-down HD-100 towers.

Above shows an HD-70 tower fully assembled, complete with all fasteners, step bolts,
a grounding kit,
two mounting plates and a concrete foundation section.

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