Common Tower Erection Procedures

There are three main ways to erect an AN Wireless Self Supporting Tower:

Crane - This is by far the most preferred way of erecting a tower of this size, as sub-100' mobile cranes are readily available at a reasonable cost. Each of the 'AN Series' Towers has had it's section joints specially engineered to be able to be lifted into place from a horizontal position, with the lift point being 2/3 of the way up. We use heavy 3/16" x 7" splice plates on both sides of each leg joint (12 plates per section) coupled with 8 bolts per leg connection (24 bolts per section) forming extremely strong section joints along the tower. Done in this way, a tower may be lifted onto it's base sub-section which has previously been set in concrete, and bolted in place. Total crane operating time is often well under 1 hour for this procedure if the tower is bolted together and ready to be lifted.

Gin Pole - Because of the weight of our lower tower sections (over 300 pounds for Section #1) this method requires a Gin Pole of higher strength than lighter duty models sold by other manufacturers for other towers. Experience using a Gin Pole should be gained before attempting this operation with heavy tower sections.

Piece by Piece - This is by far the most time consuming way to erect a tower, however it is an option for the owner who doesn't have room for a crane, and who has no Gin Pole. This method involves starting with your tower in pieces with all structural members unbolted, and then assembling the tower in the air as it is climbed, one leg and one diagonal brace at a time. This method is about as fun as washing dishes, but the only tools that are needed are two wrenchs used for the two different bolt diameters with our towers.

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