Installation - Some photos of an HD-100 Tower installation in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

This photo set reveals a highly custom tower installation at a medical center
located in Scranton, PA.

Aesthetics were the main reason for the challenging installation location of this
tower, combined with the tight property limits of the land that this new medical
building occupies. This tower is being used to send images and chemotherapy
data to a processing lab 2 miles away via a high speed wireless connection.

This installation was performed by The AN Wireless Tower Company, and also
South Side Service of Williamsport, PA.

This bitumen parking lot offered an optimum location for tower assembly.

Roofing contractors prepare this hole where the tower will be lowered through.

Inside, the concrete floor has been poured around the base for this HD-100.

This tower will be lifted in two 50 ft. increments.

The lower 50 ft. of tower coming up.

No issues encountered while lowering the tower.

While the crew is working inside bolting up Section 1,
I have time to take a couple more photos from the roof.

....and now the upper 50 feet.

This job went exceptionally well, considering the fact that
the crane operator could not physically see the connection point
of the two halves of this tower, which made us rely strictly
on radio contact.

A few photos now from inside the building before the
roof is patched up and sealed.

An easy access doorway to the tower base.

Shown here is the fully installed HD-100 Tower,
with 80' exposed above the roofline.

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