Installation - Some photos of an HD-100 Tower installation in Southern Pennsylvania.

Schoffstall.Net - Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Schoffstall.Net is a growing Wireless Internet Service Provider based in Harrisburg,
PA with several active towers throughout South Central Pennsylvania. The AN Wireless
Tower Company supplied Schoffstall.Net with an HD-100 Tower package, and also
installation services outside of Harrisburg, PA.

Site access was limited in this installation. Sections 1, 2 and 3 are shown erected.

A shot here of the gin pole used, mounted to Section 4.

Little time for photos to be taken, so we move ahead to nine
of ten sections stacked, with the gin pole now in position on
Section 9.

The start of a new day brings another HD-100 tower to
the skyline of Southern Pennsylvania.

Shown here is the fully installed HD-100 Tower.

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