Installation - Some photos of an HD-70 Tower installed in Eastern Pennsylvania.

Data Based Systems - Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Data Based Systems Incorporated (DBSi) specializes in Disaster Recovery and Business
Continuance systems. In 2003, DBSi expanded further into providing a highly available
broadband wireless infrastructure for business critical applications. For this project, DBSi
required a 70' Self Supporting Tower to be placed at it's Bethlehem, PA location.

After guidance and correspondence with The AN Wireless Tower Company in regards
to selecting the right tower for this project, the decision was made to place an HD-70
Tower into service at this location. This tower was delivered by The AN Wireless Co.
using a small 20' flatbed trailer, which allowed for easy unloading on site.

A small 2' sidearm is seen here on the tower near the top.

This HD-70 Tower was built using our welded (optional) design.

Our HD-70 Tower is a rock-solid solution for this business critical wireless application.

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