Installation - Some photos of an HD-90 Tower being installed in Northern Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Power & Light / North Penn Gas Company - Wellsboro, Pennsylvania

This quality installation job was done by South Side Service, of South Williamsport, PA. Jay Stabley,
the company owner, can be reached at (570)-326-2303 or email at

This is one of three HD-90 towers that will be used as base to base, and base to
mobile repeater towers for Pennsylvania Power & Light (PP&L) across Potter, McKean
and Tioga counties in Pennsylvania's northern tier.

Each of these towers was delivered with a custom yagi antenna mount at the 90 ft.
level, which can be seen in this photo. This tower was awaiting section assembly at
the time the photo was taken.

The finished foundation, just 50 yards from PA Rt. 6.

This was one of the more challenging installations because of the steep grade
where the outriggers must be placed.

This photo better shows the terrain we were dealing with here. It is rare that I am
able to participate in these tower installations, however I was fortunate enough
to be a part of each of these PP&L tower installs.

Job completed from start to finish in under 2 hours.
Antennas will be added at a later date.

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