Installation - Some photos of an HD-90 Tower being installed in Northern Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Power & Light - Coudersport, Pennsylvania

This quality installation job was done by South Side Service, of South Williamsport, PA. Jay Stabley,
the company owner, can be reached at (570)-326-2303 or email at

This is one of three HD-90 towers that will be used as base to base, and base to
mobile repeater towers for Pennsylvania Power & Light (PP&L) across Potter, McKean
and Tioga counties in Pennsylvania's northern tier. This installation takes placeon
Dutch Hill, just outside of Coudersport, Pa.

Mesh fencing will be installed at this site around the tower base, as well as at
the Westfield and Wellsboro, Pa locations.

A few weeks later, in some very familiar fog to these parts, installation begins.

Although these towers can safely be lifted as one unit, this approach was decided
upon. A standard Fixed-Mount Mast Plate is seen here fitted to the top section.

The first 50 feet of tower, then the remaining 40 feet.

A single splice plate bolted at each leg joint can be a help at this point.

This photo was taken to disclose another helpful hint. When bolting the leg joints
together with the 1/2" hardware, it is best to first pass all 4 bolts through the inside
splice plate before attempting to place the outside splice plate over the joint. Bolt
threads always face outwards for clearance reasons.

Preparing for the next 40 ft. of tower.

After releasing the crane cable from the top, Jay Stabley takes this photo of
your author up at the 90' level before I begin the brief climb back down.

Job completed - another tower in place on Dutch Hill.

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