Installation - Some photos of an HD-70 Tower being installed in Western Oregon

Amateur Radio Station - W7YLQ, North Plains, Oregon

AN HD-70 foundation being dug in Western Oregon. Soil wasn't too rocky here.

  Fred built the absolute best Pad & Pier forms we have ever seen!



Beautiful troweling work on this wet concrete.


Preparing to tear the custom forms off.

Forms removed after the concrete has cured. 



Backfilling and leveling the soil around the base.

Section assembly beings in the garage.

More assembly. 

More assembly.

HD-70 top section fully assembled with rotator plate & dual bearing plates.

2" OD Mast.

Sections outside, ready to install.








As always, zero deflection is observed with the HD-70 when lifting.










The 2" mast was removed for the install.

Install complete with a 4-element SteppIR yagi added.

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