Installation - Some photos of an HD-70 Tower being installed in Southern Oregon.

Amateur Radio Station - AA6NP, Ashland, Oregon

This HD-70 install job was somewhat unique, as the location did not allow
a crane to access the site. A gin pole was used to fully erect this tower.

Because of the hillside location at this jobsite, a transit was useful in
ensuring plumbness of Section 1 prior to the concrete pour.

Section 1 holding the foundation sub-section in place during the pour.

With the first 60' of tower now in place, Section 7 is ready to be lifted.

AN Wireless Tower Co. can provide gin poles suited for our sections, much
like the one pictured here mounted to Section 6.

Section 7 rising above the treetops.

With little expenseoutlaid for lifting gear, this job was safely completed
by the tower owner himself, with no outside help.

A junction box houses the lightning protection gear.

The positioning of this rotator was a well thought out approach regarding service issuesin
the future. This rotator drives a continuous steel tube drive shaft, directly connectedto the
antenna mast atop the tower. A heavy universal joint (pictured) taken from an old dump
truck driveline is used to help relieve binding on the long shaft.

An awsome stack in the air at AA6NP!

The ability to stack HF antennas high above this HD-70 Tower is not a job that
other towers of this class are designed for.


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