Installation - Some photos of an HD-100 Tower being installed in Northern Oklahoma.

A fully assembled HD-100 Tower, next to it's completed foundation pad. Transmission
lines are run inside the tower leg for a professional installation. Climbing steps are
are added for ease of ascending and decending.

Microwave panels affixed onto the tower, along with a small strobe light. This
equipment presents less than 2 square feet of loading area to the tower.

The HD-100 awaiting the crane for installation.

If only a single lift point is used, we recommend connection as far down the tower
as possible. A huge side load is placed on the tower during the first 30 degrees of
the lift. Two or more lift points is optimum, generally for towers over 60 feet.

The tower climber working his way up to unfasten the crane hook.

A safe installation makes the entire crew happy.

The completed HD-100 Self Supporting Tower.

Another shot of the tower, against the Oklahoma skyline.

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