Installation - Some photos of an HD-60 Tower being installed in Northern Ohio.

Amateur Radio Station - AD8C, Grand Rapids, Ohio

The springtime mud makes for a messy start to the rebar job in late May.

This was a fast-paced job. Here, the concrete is being poured the same day the
rebar cage was completed.

A front loader truck is best for the big foundations, if available.
Front loaders can haul roughly 2 yards more than rear-discharge
trucks, and can typically manage an entire foundation with a
single pour, using our "Pad & Pier" Foundation Design.

Completed Pad & Pier Foundation, consuming just over 7 cu. yds. of 4,000 PSI mix.

Top view of the HD-60, with all hardware installed.

It's absolutely essential to have as level ground as possible when
assembling the tower sections. Wood blocks can serve as shims
if the assembly area is not truly flat.

Antennas ready to go up.

This stack will include a modified Force 12 C3, and a Cushcraft 40-2CD.

AN Wireless Tower Co. fabricated dual thrust bearing plates
for this tower, which are visible in this photo.

The mast chosen for this tower is rather impressive, being
24 ft. of 2" OD x 3/8" wall 4130 Grade Chrome-moly tubing.

Zero flexing of the tower was noticed during this operation.




A couple excellent shots here of the Andrews angle adaptors with
cable guides used to route the coax in a neat manner inside the tower.


Used here are simple beam clamps with automotive wiring harnesses.

Coax and rotor cables running through ICE surge protectors at tower base.

The Force 12 shown here flying at 76 feet, with the Cushcraft
mounted just above the top of the tower.


A very attractive tower installation in this suburban lot, with
no guy wires to pose issues with nearby property lines.

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