Installation - Some photos of an HD-100 Tower being installed in Northern Ohio.

This HD-100 Tower will be used for Wireless Internet services in North Central Ohio.
The crane operator in this case uses a single lift point 2/3 of the way up the tower.

One example of how others have attached nylon chokers
directly to the tower leg members.

No tower bending is observed during the toughest part of the lift.

At this stage, the object is to get the tower vertical, then
swing it over to the foundation several feet away where
there is no interference from trees.

Now at the mid point of the lift.

This is also an excellent way of raising a tower if there is
not a crane available to reach the full height of the tower.

With the tower now carried over to it's foundation, the crew can begin lining up
the legs with the upper foundation.

The tower can be placed on the foundation in any of the 3 positions, depending on
the most favorable location for the step bolts.

Bolting the tower to the foundation using the splice plates.

The first climb on the new tower.

Well above the treetops, this WISP business is set to
go from rural Ohio once antennas are added.

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