Installation - Some photos of an LD-70 Tower being installed in Northern New Jersey.

Amateur Radio Station - W2FLA, Boonton, New Jersey

This shows the custom base plate for the tower, being fitted over an
existing concrete base. The lower tower legs simply bolt onto this base
as if it were a standard sub-surface ground foundation. Also, the time
stamp in each of these pictures shows how little time a full installation
really takes.

Fitting the new base plate over the existing anchor bolts.

The base plate now fitted, awaiting the crane for installation. The
large HF yagi to be loaded onto this tower is seen in the background.

This installation was chosen to be done in two parts, with this photo
showing the lower 30' of the tower being bolted into position.

Now the upper 40' of tower being raised by the crane.

The upper half of the tower now suspended by the crane.

The upper half of the tower being swung into position.

Careful work on the crane's part.

Fastening the upper half and lower half of the tower
together with 3/16" splice plates and 1/2" bolts, using
12 each and 24 each, respectivly.

Nearly there.

The completed installation - with just a half day's work.

Inside the installed tower, looking up.

Time to install the antennas, the following day.

Raising the Force 12 Model 4BA, 10, 12, 15 and 17 meter yagi.

Another shot of the yagi, with the 17' 144/432 MHz vertical above.

With the small beam now installed, up comes the
Force 12, 6 element monobander for 20 meters.

Final adjustments being made to the short antenna stack.

All set for a killer signal out of New Jersey!

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