Installation - Some photos of an LD-60 Tower installation on Niue Island.

Internet Users Society - Niue Island, South Pacific

The following photos show the 2nd LD-60 tower that was installed
also on Niue Island to serve as the north link to the system. The location
of this tower is much deeper in the rainforest than the first tower.

The island received this new concrete mixer, and it's first load
of concrete is being delivered to the LD-60 tower site.

Excavation wasn't without it's issues here, as hard coral was also
present at this location.

A semi above-grade Pad and Pier style foundation was constructed here.

A crane is scheduled to be used for this installation. Sections are being
bolted together here on the ground, and the Fixed-Mount Mast Plate is
pre-installed in the top of Section 10 in this photo to support a mast.

Cyclones are frequent visitors to this island, and this very location
was wiped out by Cyclone Heta in 2004. The building seen in the
background of this photo shows proof of the local damage.

Although this is only a 60' tower, it will serve the wireless
needs of this island well by being linked with the other LD-60.

The optional step bolts that were supplied with this tower
make climbing and general tower maintenance very comfortable.

Emani working on transmission lines and connectors for the tower.

A shot of Alofi looking southwardly from the top of the Alofi North Tower.

A shot looking the opposite direction, up the coast.

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