Installation - Some photos of an LD-60 Tower installation on Niue Island.

Internet Users Society - Niue Island, South Pacific

Niue Island is located deep in the South Pacific Ocean, 2,400 Kilometers northeast of
New Zealand, in a triangle between Tonga, Samoa and the Cook Islands. Niue is about
120 Kilometers east of the International dateline, and is just 259 square KM in area.

In mid 2004, The AN Wireless Tower Company was approached by Niue's only wireless
internet provider on the remote island. This privately funded group was faced with a 
problem where their current wireless access antennas were literally being covered up
by a fast growing rainforest, to the point where the island was about to loose
internet access.

Two LD-60 Towers were ordered and promptly delivered by ocean transport through
arrangements made by AN Wireless and a 3rd party shipper in Auckland, New Zealand
with a final destination to Alofi, Niue.

The photo above shows the early stages of excavation for the 1st tower.

The first challenge takes little time to become exposed.
Coral is nearly solid at very shallow depths. An air chisel
is required to continue digging.

After a sizeable effort, the foundation hole is taking shape.

Several more hours later, the base section for the LD-60 is assembled,
forms are constructed, and the rebar placement has begun.

Understandably, these folk have to cut and bend their own rebar on location.

The rebar work continues.

Emani Lui works in tight quarters as he produces a good looking rebar cage.

Looking Emani pops out of the hole for a rest.

Final touches on the rebar.

The Foundation is fully leveled and secured with 2x6's.

These towers were shipped knocked-down for on-site assembly.
Pictured here are some of the braces bundled together in proper order
of length, ready for assembly. Tower legs are visible on the right.

As recommended by the manufacturer, the lower-most tower section
is assembled and bolted to the foundation base for extra stability during
to the concrete pour.

Emani proudly shows off his fine work.

The concrete trucks seem smaller in Niue...

The workers position the pour carefully as to not disturb the base.
Pouring down through the center of the foundation base is best,
as this photo indicates.

Pour finished...

...and smoothed off.

The only crane on the island was not available when the
tower was scheduled to be installed, however the project had
to move forward. Richard StClair is seen here preparing
to assemble sections in the air.

Emani and Rich seen here assembling Section 6 in the air.
Legs and braces are hauled up the tower as needed.

Making fantastic progress, the duo is now assembling Section 7.
The legs of the new section are first bolted in place with the
splice plates, then the bracing is added.

Advancing forward, Emani finishes on top a short time later.

A final tightening of the 1/2" leg bolts on the way down.

High winds are no stranger to this island.

In the final stage of this install the mast is lifted up this tower
and secured in place with a Fixed-Mount Mast Plate supplied
by ANW.

Trango access point mounted at the top of this LD-60.

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