Installation - Some photos of (2) HD-100 Towers with heavy ice loading in Eastern North Dakota.

Rural Tower Network - Fargo, North Dakota

This quality installation job was done by Great Plains Towers of West Fargo, ND. Kevin Reski,
the company owner, can be reached at (800)-853-2236 or email at

Larson Data Communications of Mitchell, SD was responsible for the entire RF design and propagation
analysis of the project. Mike Larson, the company owner, can be reached at (605)-996-5521.

This HD-100 is one of (38) HD-100's and HHD-100's placed into service for the Rural Tower Network
throughout the Red River Valley region of Eastern North Dakota & Western Minnesotabeginning in early 2005.

The Rural Tower Network provides efficient and low cost GPS / Autoguidance technology to
farmers in the Red River Valley region. Farmers nationwide are quickly realizing thereal benefits
of RTK (Real Time Kinematic) technology.

Radial icing is visible here shortly after a large-scale ice storm in November, 2005.
This storm was responsible for several road closures and widespread power outages.

And now, in nearby Casselton, ND we see another HD-100 which received
substantially heavier icing than the tower shown above.

This HD-100 received 1+ inches of radial ice, as was reported by the project coordinator.

It was reported that winds of 50-60 MPH were present in the area
through the duration of this storm. One major transmission line was
taken out just a few miles south of this tower as a result of ice.

As the storm diminishes and the sun breaks through the clouds,
all HD-100 towers remain standing tall.

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