Installation - Some photos of an HD-100 Tower being installed in Southern Maine.

Amateur Radio Station - KA1HDV, Eliot, Maine

This job brought on our first tower shipment into the great state of Maine. Allan, the
proud owner of this HD-100, is a dedicated and well known 160 meter operator and
has installed this tower for the sole purpose of using it as a shunt-fed vertical transmit
antenna at 1.8 Mhz, primarily for DX operations from this hilltop QTH. An extensive
above-ground radial system is a key player in this HD-100's performance on Topband.

This tower site is located on a very pronounced hilltop, so assembly space was limited.

A good shot here showing the custom radial plate atop the concrete pad.

The remaining 90' of tower shown here fully assembled on the ground.

Dual Fixed-Mount Mast Plates are shown here in Section# 10 which will support a
20' extension mast above the top of this tower to help lower the resonate frequency.

The lift point here is about 30' from the top of the tower (near Section 7/8 joint).

Not an inch of flexing from the tower during this maneuver.

Standing vertical, and bolting up to Section 1.

Unstrapping from the crane.
Photo also showing the upper 20' of mast used for resonance.

The step bolts have not yet been installed, so the climber is climbing down the towerbracing.

As the skies finally begin to clear, we have an excellent shot taken here of the HD-100.

Another photo showing the upper mast detail.


If you hear a loud 160 meter signal coming from Southern Maine, it will likely be Allans.

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