Installation - Some photos of an HD-90 Tower being installed in Northern Maryland.

Amateur Radio Station - N3KS, Sparks, Maryland

Kamal Sirageldin / N3KS sent a superb set of photos - over 71MB worth - even though
they needed to be sized down a bit for the sake of this webpage, the quality is stillmore
than evident here. Thanks Kamal!

This tower was ordered factory pre-painted by N3KS a dark "Hunter" green color. Froma
distance, the tower blends in suprisingly well with it's natural surroundings herein semi-rural
Maryland (just north of Baltimore).

Lifting the entire HD-90 in one lift is now complete.

Now onto installing the top yagi (an Optibeam OB12-4) at 91 ft.

Boom to mast connection work on the Optibeam.

Here, Bryan / N3ST of nearby Littlestown, PA is working at the 58' level installing
a TIC ring with some mounting modifications made by N3KS to properly fit the
HD-90 tower legs.

A clearer view of the stack which is taking shape well.

Continued work on the 3 Element SteppIR, under the Optibeam.

Very clean, efficient and effective stack at N3KS.

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