Installation - Some photos of an HD-70 Tower installation in Northern Maryland.

The main job of this tower is to support wireless data communications between
two office buildings in Hagerstown, Maryland, however it also serves double-duty
to support an HF triband yagi antenna.

I spent a few hours at this jobsite, and I was impressed at the simplicity of this
low-power winch, with a 120 VAC drill used to drive a small pulley through a reduction
gearbox. This was used to raise several items to the top, including the HF antenna.

The twin mounting plates are now in position, along with a 12' mast. It's barely
visible in this photo, however the upper mounting plate also has a 30" support
pipe welded directly to the plate to support a small grid dish antenna.

A few photos now of the HF tribander being raised. The two ropes running vertically
are used as slide ropes for the yagi to ride on, while the gin pole rope did the lifting
at the center of the antenna mast.





I personally took this photo while doing some final tightening and antenna aligning.

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