Installation - Some photos of an HD-90 Tower being installed in Central Kentucky.

Wireless Internet Tower - Georgetown, Kentucky

An early foundation photo for this tower, designed for backfilling, in efforts to
reduce concrete volume using our Pad and Pier foundation design.

This HD-90 tower was chosen more because of the height it offers, rather than
for reasons of windloading capacity. This tower is intended to be used initially for
receiving broadband wireless internet signals, and perhaps used in the future as
a stand-alone WISP relay tower.

Because of the un-level ground here (better seen in the photo above) the tractor
is being used to lift each tower joint off the ground 2-3 inches to compensate for
differences in section alignment, caused by uneven ground. This arrangement was
a perfect solution for this, and is recommended when improper leveling is an issue.
Once each section is bolted together using this technique, the tower sections will
remain in proper alignment.

As always, no tower bending is observed during a single-pick lift.

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