Installation - Some photos of an HD-80 Tower being installed in Southern Indiana.

Amateur Radio Station - K9US, Bedford, Indiana

Breaking ground for the new foundation.

Getting the rebar cage bent into shape.

A neat and tidy foundation, and a homemade leveling mechanism made from 2x4's.

A front-load mixer can pour an entire base with a single load in this case.

The newly poured foundation, complete with conduit for underground cable runs.

Bolting the sections together on as level ground as possible is best, as seen here.

Not every installation needs a large crane. As seen in this installation, even a small
crane served the purpose of installing this HD-80 tower very well.

This lift done in two parts, the lower 40' and the upper 40'.

This is a very good demonstration of how a small crane may be used
when cost or land restrictions prohibit larger equipment. The 20' mast
is also visible in this photo, made from 2 1/2" steel tubing.

Three men make a one man job considerably easier, allowing this project to last
no more than about 3 hours.

Seen here now with a fine set of vertically polarized VHF yagis at 85'.

The smaller equipment used in this installation did no damage to the lawn.

A great photo of the HD-80 on a beautiful fall afternoon.

A shallow trench carrying the conduit for the underground cables to the tower.

Seen here are the outdoor utility boxes housing the necessary lightning suppressors.

Close up of the utility boxes mounted on a tower brace.

An updated photo of the new antenna array added to this HD-80 tower. This
short stack includes a Cushcraft 26 element yagi for 2 meters, an M2 40 meter
rotatable dipole, a Force 12 C31XR tribander, and a standoff arm supporting
 a 50/144/432 Mhz groundplane.

Another shot of the antennas at K9US.

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