Galvanizing - A few photos of the galvanizing process taken at one of our galvanizers in PA.

Some tower bracing on the floor as it's being unloaded at the galvanizing point.

Several braces being hung by the overhead conveyer in preparation for the pickling
bath prior to hot-dip treatment.

The pickling tanks used to prepare the steel members for galvanizing. This series of
acid baths cleanses the steel from rust, paint and excess mill oil left on the steelfrom
fabrication, and "keys" the steel properly for immersion in molten zinc.

The Sulfuric Acid rinse bath, immediatly following the Sodium Hydroxide bath to
cleanse the steel completly from acid residue.

One of the dip tanks used - 12' long x 3 1/2' wide x 5' deep.

A second galvanizing tank used, measuring 8' long x 3 1/2' wide x 4' deep.

Finished tower components - inspected, banded, and ready to ship.

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