Fabrication - Here's a few photos of our manufacturing location, the machinery we use, and the fabrication process that goes into all AN Wireless Self Supporting Towers.

Fabricating our tower legs is by far our most critical operation in the plant.
  AN Wireless tower legs each begin as A-572 Gr. 50 plate that we purchase leveled
in bulk 60" x 122" sheets, both 1/4" and 3/16" thick. All material is domestic. 

Each plate is carried over to the high-definition plasma table where all holes are
burned and the material is cut to a precision width and length.

The high-def plasma burns each hole, and then cuts each leg to size.

One plate now yields ten complete tower legs after about 75 minutes of burn time.

2004 model 250 ton CNC Hydraulic Press Brake made by Standard Industrial of
Clarksdale, Mississippi. This is the newest addition to our plant. Typical ram repeat
repeat accuracy is +- .001". Our Press Brake offers absolute consistency in the
bend radius over the entire 10 foot length of the material. 

Our own punch and die block mounted in the brake.

Our brake also offers a heavy duty back gauge, electronically programmable.

A close-up end shot of our tooling used in forming our tower legs.

Dave Snyder, a precision machinist by trade, is shown here forming a tower leg
while carefully checking the tolerances of the finished product. 

A completed stack of 3/16" tower legs, for use in Sections 7-12 of our towers.

New High-Def Plasma in Operation

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