Installation - Some photos of an HD-50 Tower being installed in Northern Colorado.

Amateur Radio Station - N0FGK, Fort Collins, Colorado

This quality installation job was done by Eagle Wireless, Inc, of Brighton, Colorado.

Mike Milos can be reached at (720)-685-3242 or email at

The lower tower sections shown here, just after assembly. This HD-50 was shipped in
knocked-down form, and in this case the customer chose to do 100% of the assembly.

Connecting the "inter-sectional" bracing now in this photo.

Installing the 5/8" step bolts comes next.

Additional sections being aligned with each other.

A very professional foundation installation, complete with underground conduit for
transmission lines. In addition to the splice plate detail for section joints, this also
clearly shows how the inter-sectional bracing additionally connects the tower to
the foundation, offering an extremly well designed connection.

Another side shot of the 48" face spread of the HD Series towers.

The triangle geometry design of the tower can be used to the crane operator's
advantage - tie points at the upper three tower legs offer a central lift point.

The tower crew tightening the splice plates on the leg joints.

With the proper equipment, this tower is installed in a couple of hours.

Now come the antennas...

The rotor plates can also offer a handy standing platform while working.

Mounting the PST51 antenna rotor from Prosistel, of Italy.

Mounting the first yagi to the 15' mast.

And now mounting the second yagi on the tower.

Finalizing the coax runs and coax grounding.

Admiring a job that's been very well done is easy in this case.

A rock solid tower installation - ready for the tough Colorado winters.

Transmission lines affixed to the member bracing.

And even time to enjoy the new tower in the sunset of the same day.

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