Installation - Some photos of an HD-100 Tower being installed in British Columbia.

Signal Systems - 100 Mile House, British Columbia, Canada

Located just on the outskirts of 100 Mile House, BC, this HD-100 tower will be used
commercially by Signal Systems for multiple two-way radio repeaters in the initial phase,
with future plans to have this & several other towers linked by wireless broadband.

Signal Systems can be found on the internet at:

This tower install was a fast-paced project, beginning soon after the snow melt in
Western Canada in the spring of 2007.

Ken Hoffman, of Global Communications Contractors is pictured here next to the HD-100.

The supplied 5/8" step bolts have been added to this HD-100 in the photo above.

Antennas and obstruction lighting also now added.

A close-up showing the antennas, lighting, and upper lifeline anchorage point.

Later the same day, the Western Star boom truck shows up for the lift.

Just beginning the lift of the full HD-100.

The nearer to the tower base the crane can be positioned, the better.

Fully installed HD-100 - ready to hit the air in remote BC.

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