Installation - Some photos of an HD-100 Tower being installed in the Bahamas.

Splash FM Radio, 89.9 FM - Spanish Wells, Bahamas

Pictured here is Chris Forsythe of Splash FM 89.9 in the Bahamas. Chris is the
owner/operator of this FM Broadcast station, and he took a very serious approach
to organizing the installation of a new self supporting tower for his station.

This tower was painted with red/white color bands. Section 1 is shown here in the
forefront with a 50/50 color split. All other sections are painted one solid color. The
HD-100 foundation is shown here fully assembled on the right.

Not only will the 3-coat paint treatment warn low flying aircraft of the new tower's
location, but this will also add to the corrosion barrier by working as a dual-protection
system with the Hot-Dip Galvanizing.

Chris is very pleased with the final result of all the effort that went into painting
this new HD-100 Tower prior to section assembly.

Shown here is Section 10 with a Fixed-Mount Mast Plate installed at the 100' level.
This antenna mount includes an 18" round tube welded in the center of the triangular
mounting plate. Two 1/2" setscrews (bolts) tighten against the inserted antenna
mast which holds the mast firmly in place.

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