Installation - Some photos of an HD-70 Tower being installed in Southern Arizona

Amateur Radio Station - AB7E, Hereford, Arizona

This HD-70 installation begins with excavating some very rocky ground.

  Dave spent considerable time in perfecting this foundation by hand.

Checking that all (3) foundation base legs are the correct distance apart.

A perfectly constructed rebar cage built to AN Wireless spec. Notice the
9" block this base section is sitting on to provide the required height.


Coax conduits added.



Waiting for truck #2.

A very nice trowel job.

Dave opted to paint this tower camouflage colors before assembly.


More assembly.

More assembly.

Splice joints were left unpainted for RF & electrical continuity.

All 7 sections easily assembled.

The crane is on site - preparing for the lift.

First half of the tower.

Helps to have lots of hands.

Bolting together a leg splice connection.

First climb up this HD-70.



Releasing the strapping.

Empty HD-70 ready for a mast and antennas.

Optibeam OB2-40 going up.



OB2-40 in position on the mast.

And an Optibeam OB16-3 going up next.

A simple and very effective stack that's well within the loading
specs of the HD-70 tower.

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