Installation - Some photos of an HD-60 Tower being installed in Western Aruba.

Amateur Radio Station - P43JB, Oranjestad, Aruba

The solid coral at this island location made excavation for the concrete pad & pier
a very time consuming effort for these workers.

The HD-60 is put together on this side street in Oranjestad. This tower is well
equipped with dual thrust bearing plates, and a rotator plate for a ProSisTel PST-61.

Placing the tower into position in tight quarters.

As always, things line up perfectly here at the foundation / tower intersection.


Aruba is in a high-wind region, and the HD-60 tower has a Basic Wind Speed (BWS)
rating of 120 MPH.

Well supported Optibeam booms - each boom having it's own cable support.

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