Installation - Some photos of an HD-80 Tower being installed in Central Alaska.

Amateur Radio Station - KL1DS, Fairbanks, Alaska

We begin this photo set showing strong, well constructed forms with additional
supports clamped to the foundation base legs for added rigidity during the pour.

Here we see the beautiful Alaskan landscape which will soon be underneath this
tower a few miles west of Fairbanks, with the Tanana River in the background.

After full assembly of this tower from the chosen knocked-down shipping option,
the step bolts are added as a final stage before the crane arrives.

These men from Radio Fairbanks were responsible for this superior installation.

With care taken not to entangle the main cable with the step bolts on the tower,
this HD-80 is lifted very easily with one pick.

Lifting the first of two Optibeam antennas...

The completed HF array at KL1DS featuring a pair of Optibeam yagis on a 22' C-moly mast.

A simple, strong, clean & highly effective system.

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