Installation - Some photos of an HD-60 Tower being installed in Southern Alaska.

Amateur Radio Station - KL7AR, Eagle River, Alaska

This quality installation job was done by South Fork Construction, of Eagle River: 907-694-SOIL

This installation was far from average. The foundation excavation presented several
challanges, beginning with boring a hole on sloping land through solid rock in many
places. This mountain top location often receives 100 MPH winds, being situated in
the Prince William Sound region, and ice loading at this location can be substantial.

Engineering documents were prepared free of charge and presented to the City
of Anchorage, and included with this tower to gain permits for this installation.

This foundation shot reveals more of the foundation block than normal. The size of
equipment needed to form this hole forced the foundation dimensions to be larger
than necessary, understandably. This foundation will be backfilled at a later date.

The HD-60 tower was shipped to Alaska in knocked-down form, and fully assembled
in downtown Eagle River, a couple miles from the installation site.

The full size HD-60 tower loaded and strapped down onto a 48' flatbed.

A small overhang off the end of the trailer, also showing the upper and lower
mounting plates fitted into the tower, along with a 2" thrust bearing. The small
welded plate facing upwards on the tower leg is the upper anchorage plate for
the 3/8" galvanized aircraft safety cable, also shipped with this package.

The HD-60 tower is heavy, but not heavy enough to allow the truck to make it
up this muddy hill without a bit of a tug on the ICC bumper.

Unstrapping the tower.

A very cool view of Eagle River, AK.

The terrain here is actually steeper than it appears.

Discussing the best way to continue the job.

Keeping things steady was critical so no damage was done to the boundary fence.

At this point it was decided to raise the structure and
carry it vertically over to the foundation pad.

The lift point in this case was chosen to be at the 50' level,
between sections 5 & 6.

The right equipment for a job like this is mandatory.

Because of the terrain, the crane operator has now put some
considerable distance between himself and the tower base.

Everything has lined up well with the foundation legs.

Continuing with the tightening of the lower legs.

I know exactly what these guys are thinking....."this tower isn't going to budge!"

Bundled up in the late fall season, the climber makes the first climb on this installation.

Now up at about the 50' level, meeting the first mounting plate
for the 2" solid mast that was shipped with this tower.

Unhooking the crane's hook.

The slope on the property can really be appreciated in this
photo while looking at the Cat. dozer in the background.

Time was critical in this installation with the onset of the first snowfall soon approaching
in September. Time was also a major player at this residential installation because the
home owners had moved in just days prior to the installation, and the driveway was
scheduled to be paved before the temperature further dropped. It was necessary
to have the heavy equiptment in and out before the driveway project was begun.

Later in the same day, raising the main HF beam antenna.

The tower appears to be very crooked here, however this
is due to the angle of the photo.

This tower will soon be subjected to the elements of Alaskan winters. The exposed
wind area of this beam is large, coupled with ice loading several months of the year.
Even for these high wind and ice conditions, the tower is under-loaded by a large
percentage of it's rated capacity.

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