Advantages of AN Wireless Self Supporting Towers

AN Wireless Towers Use 50 KSI Steel throughout the entire structure.

We use this steel over the standard 36 KSI material that is used in many tower designs because of it's added strength, and also for its weight saving features, while still offering roughly 55 percent more steel in all legs and bracing members over others.

AN Wireless Towers use more bolts at section intersections for added strength.

We use twenty-four 1/2" diameter bolts at each section joint (eight bolts per leg). We also place heavy steel plates on each side of the joint for support, and we use the same diameter bolts at the top of the tower as we do at the bottom. Using this design, it is possible to raise a complete tower with a crane from a horizontal position and not worry about stressing the joints.

AN Wireless Towers let you climb painlessly.

We offer 5/8" diameter step bolts with each tower as optional hardware, spaced apart every 18 inches for an ankle saving climb to the top of your tower. No need to fight your way up climbing braces that are installed at awkward angles.

AN Wireless Towers give you your moneys worth in overall height.

You don't lose height when stacking sections together with AN Wireless Towers due to overlapping of section joints. This can add up to several feet lost of overall height on a large tower installation. With our 100' foot tower, you get all 100 feet in the air.

Improved windloading figures.

Thanks to our advanced computer aided design modeling software, AN Wireless Towers offer up to a 60 percent advantage in available windloading area over similar designs. We also offer a tower and a foundation that will sustain a 140 MPH windzone, of which many manufacturers will not.

AN Wireless Towers won't rust on the edges - period.

Many towers today are built using pre-galvanized material. Cutting, bending and fabricating in general after galvanizing leaves member edges unprotected and open to corrosion only a short time after exposure to the elements. AN Wireless Towers receive full hot-dip galvanizing treatment the proper way - after the fabrication is done, adding decades to the service life of your tower.

AN Wireless Towers are built for the extremes.

Our 'AN Series' Towers have a special feature designed right into the section joints. Our towers have roughly a 1/8" gap in between each section, allowing for slight expansion of the steel in extreme cases to prevent buckling. Not an everyday case, but it's built in.

AN Wireless Towers use a real sub-surface foundation.

We realize some towers use a sub-surface base detail that consists of leg extensions or anchor bolts only. We prefer to include a half-section of the next largest tower section for the sub-surface tower base, complete with horizontal bracing, to be embedded in concrete for added strength.

A rigid mounting surface comes as standard equipment with AN Wireless Towers.

We supply fully galvanized, top-mounted, 1/8" angle horizontal members with each tower which provides a horizontal mounting surface at the tower's top. This also allows safe antenna maintenance 360 degrees around the tower by doubling as a handy tie-off point for the climber.

AN Wireless Towers have fall arrest options available meeting OSHA compliance.

Our towers come complete with provisions to mount a 3/8" steel safety cable lifeline on one face, or all three faces of each tower. We also offer climbing harnesses and safety sleeves which lock onto the cable in the event of a fall. Both of these options may be ordered separately, and installed on your tower in the field at any time.

Custom hardware may be fabricated for AN Wireless Towers.

We do fabricate custom made parts needed for your tower in certain installations. Custom antenna mounting plates, beacon plates, side arms, work platforms, rooftop mounting kits, ice shields and wave guide bridges can be specced out and built to order.

AN Wireless Towers have spare parts always available.

If a leg or a brace should ever become damaged or bent in transit, or from a tower suffering from vandalism, original replacement parts are only a phone call away. Everything on the tower is field replaceable using just a crescent wrench.

AN Wireless is more than happy to help.

If zoning difficulties are in your way of getting a new tower up, we'll do all we can to provide assistance. We offer PE's who hold current licensure in 50 States and certain Canadian Provinces which can provide sealed engineering drawings and specifications to township supervisors in cases requiring this prior to tower installation. We can also fax, mail, email or talk over the phone to persons in charge of the permit granting process.

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